Which QB calls the best signals?

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By Josh Cook

Johnny Manziel and Teddy Bridgewater are quarterbacks for college football teams with national championship aspirations.

They are two of the frontrunners for the Heisman Trophy.

They are both likely about to play their final seasons.  

That’s about where the similarities between the quarterbacks for Texas A&M and the University of Louisville end, though.

Johnny Football and Teddy B. appear to be vastly different.

Manziel is quickly gaining a reputation for being a party-crasher, a Twitter-fighter and TMZ-fodder.

Bridgewater, meanwhile, may be the antithesis of Manziel. He’s more likely to crash the hospital room of a Cardinals fan (as he did earlier this month to visit Savannah Price, who suffers from Crohn’s Disease, as she prepared to have surgery) than a kegger.

As you’ve most likely heard hundreds of time by now, Manziel was kicked out of a frat party at the University of Texas this past weekend. After that he took to Twitter to respond to critics.

“Last time I checked double digit win columns and championships are what matters,” Manziel Tweeted on Sunday.

Later he responded to a Tweet that, in short, said that Manziel wouldn’t do much this season.

“you’re that mad bro?” Manziel wrote, including a picture of his Heisman Trophy in his response.

Really bro?

If you ask me, Johnny B. Bad needs to take a cue from Bridgewater, who recently shut down his Twitter account to focus on football and school (not necessarily in that order).

About the only news Bridgewater has made this summer was when he said he didn’t want the UofL Sports Information Department to mount a Heisman campaign for him. (The nerve of this kid. Who does he think he is?)

Bridgewater, the unspoken – but not necessarily outspoken – leader of the Cards, was asked about Manziel on Monday, when he went through ESPN’s “car wash” of television and radio shows. 

“The first thing that went through my mind was, ‘He’s just had a rough summer,’” Bridgewater said. “But he can’t let his summer dictate the way his season goes. I’m a big fan of Johnny Football. I wish for nothing but the best for him.”

The big questions now:

  • Are Manziel’s best days behind him? He’s a projected as a late first-round pick, at best, next year in the NFL Draft. (Bridgewater, meanwhile, is likely a top-five choice.)
  • And will all these off-the-field activities distract him on the field? For my money, I say yes, and I think he has about as good a shot of winning a second Heisman as Anthony Weiner does of winning election as New York City’s next mayor.

 “It’s very tough, because everywhere you go you’re under that eye,” Bridgewater said. “You’re under that microscope. Today, we live in a world that’s an ‘I’ve gotcha’ world. Every little action will be blown [up] and go viral. You just have to realize that your status carries you off the field. You have to carry yourself the same way as you do on the field.”

Take note, Johnny, you could learn a thing or two from Teddy.