What's the motive?

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By The Staff

As all know, energy costs for fuels of every kind is high. It is so elevated that many who must commute to work are dipping into any reserves of cash and reducing such essentials as food items for their families. You would think that such situations would bring our Democratic majority of congressional members to action in order to combat this tragedy to their constituents. This does not appear to be the case! Instead, these misguided legislators divert any action taking place in congress to ineffective and laughable performances.

They actually wish to have trial lawyers sue Venezuela and Saudi Arabia because gasoline is so high! They wish to tax America to lower gasoline prices! Some Democrats even have stated they want to do as Hugo Chavez did in Venezuela - have a "take-over" by the government and control private energy companies. This would lead to a gas shortage last seen during Jimmy Carter's administration. Those who were driving adults at that time should remember that fiasco.

On June 10, Rep. Walberg (R-MI) introduced a "discharge petition" to force a vote on a bill to increase U.S. energy production and invest in alternative sources of energy.

Rep. Mac Thornberry (R-TX) introduced a bill named the "No More Excuse Energy Act (H.R. 3089)," last year in an effort to increase the energy level produced in the U.S. However, the Democrats refuse to allow a vote on the bill. Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) will not allow the bill to come out of committee to the floor. The "discharge petition" is the only way to force a vote on the "No More Excuses" energy bill. Rules require 218 signatures (majority) to force the bill to the floor, but Rep. Walberg is finding it difficult to acquire this many signatures. He presently, at last count, had 150 signatures.

What could be the motive for making our population suffer in this degree? Is the Dems hatred of President Bush and the present administration so great that this "do nothing" House and Senate would permit all the "lay-offs" and job losses we are experiencing to continue due to the shortage?

We can only get from this present situation by drilling for petroleum where it exists and where presently banned by law. By using every alternative energy source available - nuclear, wind power, coal and any other technology this nation possesses to get out of the grip of nations that control OPEC.

What is Congress's motive? Is it the destruction of the U.S. economy at the price of getting their candidate into the White House?

Eugene Maynard,