What we think: We should memorialize Donald Cubert’s life

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He was known for his commitment to the city and its residents.

Donald Cubert Sr. was not a classic politician but, rather, a civic-minded person who became involved in the electoral process.

Mr. Cubert, who died on Saturday, was known for his kindness to people and his commitment to the city of Shelbyville, which he served for decades not only as a city council member and interim mayor but also as its delegate on countless boards, committees and ex officio projects.

Mr. Cubert was not a man you found often in a coat and tie or glad-handing voters at picnics, but he sought to serve by doing what he knew to do: putting first his sense of duty to the city and its residents – a commitment that lived a vital life right up to his death with his service to the Shelby County Parks Board.

Since Mr. Cubert’s passing, many have described tearfully what he meant to them, a nice gesture, his offering a kindly ear or being simply a neighbor of grace.

Because of all of that, we think Mr. Cubert is one of those persons who deserves some sort of living memorial, be it a street, a facility or, more likely, a park – something that grasps a contribution from his long career and reinforces the kind of man he was for generations to come.

Many corporations earn their names on facilities and events by donating money to their construction and/or maintenance.

Surely the blood, sweat, tears and love that Don Cubert paid to the city of Shelbyville is far more valuable than that.

We ask the Shelbyville City Council to move quickly to find the right way to say thanks for that investment.