What we think: We need you to help best of our best

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The Pflughaupt Scholarship is about to end, and our best young students need a new benefactor or two.

We were struck both sad and concerned when we heard that the Pflughaupt Scholarship, the largest benefactor for students in Shelby County for the past 15-plus years, is about to run out of money.

The generosity of Gene and Margery Pflughaupt has been unmatched in helping the best of the best in Shelby County find their paths to the treasure trough of education.

They stepped in when the O. L. Moore Scholarship, a smaller version that had helped students since the 1960s, ran its course in 1995.

But now we need some new “Pflughaupts.” We need some new benefactors for our students.

We need you and you and you and you and anyone out there who wants to reinforce the hard work and dedication of students with assistance in their college years.

We already had been concerned about the scholarship pool in the county, now that we have two high schools and two different but equally tall achievement ladders to be climbed.

Now its top rung is about to be lost, leaving a big leap for our students to reach the safe purchase of higher learning.

So at risk of sounding like Baptist ministers doing their fifth-Sunday sermons on tithing, won’t you please come forward and help?

We realize that there are not many Moores and Pflughaupts who can add resource to opportunity and equal community gift.

There are many needs and causes, and each of us has our own convictions and commitments.

But we would hope that there would be a civic club, a foundation or even a combination of the two that could come forward and fill this gap with a one-time annuity that gives in perpetuity.

Many already have scholarship programs, and much good is done in the community. Each little bit is appreciated, and we applaud those efforts.

But now we have what could be considered a $40,000 gap – $20,000 for a student from both Shelby County and Collins high schools – and what Pflughaupt Committee Chair Ernestine Jennings said was no one on the horizon.

Ms. Jennings taught students in Shelby County for 30-plus years before she retired last spring. She knows what they can do and the help they both require and deserve.

She knows that we need some new “Pflughaupts.”