What we think: Titans no giant as a new nickname

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By The Staff

Do you know what a Titan is? And does it have some connection to Shelby County?

Well, yes, now it does because Titans was selected as the new nickname for Martha Layne Collins High School.

The Collins High School Titans?  Sounds forgettable.

Actually, we think the students who selected it probably were remembering the Titans, as in the feel-good movie starring Denzel Washington.

We doubt they had spent much time studying the origin of the word: Greek mythology.

And we doubt many are fans of Tennessee’s pro football team or ever knew of a similar team from New York that was the predecessor of the Jets in the American Football League.

We think they simply thought Titans sounded cooler than “Trailblazers.”

These are not sour grapes because our suggestion was not taken, but we believe that it would have been in the best interest of all if the nickname were to have some local significance.

Those sorts of choices tend to preserve history and, in fact, educate – yes educate – anyone who would encounter it.

Will anyone ever ask why Collins High will be called Titans? Probably not.

But a name such as Colts or Stallions or even Trailblazers – Martha Layne Collins was a trailblazer in her own right -- might have said something about the heritage of Shelby County. Collins Colts has a nice ring to it.

We do applaud the process that allowed the students to vote on their new nickname. But shouldn’t they have had more than two choices?

In the end, perhaps, these students really did sort of back into a symbiotic moniker.

For it’s not so much that “Titans” matches with Shelby County, but that name does match well with Shelby County High School.

Have you ever heard of  a Titan missile?

They have been launched frequently – and with some significant misfires, we should add – at Cape Canaveral.

So maybe it’s right that both of Shelby County’s high schools have aeronautical appellations.

But we still think Governors would have been best.