WHAT WE THINK: Posted garbage rates a nice start

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Bless their hearts, but Shelby County Fiscal Court is trying.
Those magistrates want to do the right thing and provide garbage service and recycling for you, and even if they couldn’t get together and head off a way to keep your money from being thrown away on a $3.2 million trash mahal, they feel like they have to do something.
Even if mysterious forces kept them from working with the Shelby County City Council to provide such services at maybe $10 a month or less, saving you much time, and possibly tax dollars, and helping protect our environment and our roads, they still want to help.
Even if they couldn’t simply put in place a franchise agreement, to contract with one hauler that you could use if you wish, saving the asphalt and concrete in our county that already will require thousands of man hours and dollars to patch after they were pocked by our winter road treatments, they really do want to do something for you.
They still are trying, and we are happy to see that.
Magistrate Tony Carriss and the Legislative Committee last week presented Shelby County Fiscal Court with a plan to publish rates for the garbage collection companies that serve Shelby County.
Mr. Carriss was the person who stood up last year and suggested that his committee’s goal should be to provide free trash and recycling collection for everyone. His lenses might have been a bit rosy, but we sure did appreciate the placement of his heart.
Yet, he couldn’t get anyone to go along with that idea or even half that idea or ultimately even a quarter of that idea.
So what we have is 10 percent of that idea – The part where rates are published so that everyone can see what such service would cost them if they desired to have it.
Now, 10 percent of a positive concept is better than nothing, and even if the 109 Solid Waste Board is building its new center – and we can’t ignore that we think it ironic that the waste disposal people are creating a waste of good money – then residents may have other options for reasonable prices.
Let’s face it: Three or four trips a month to the new center, paying 3 to 5 cents per pound for your trash disposal, and in gas and fees along the way, you might find that the pickup service would be more affordable and a heck of a lot more convenient.
And if only magistrates would require that each of these haulers offer recycling in the price – some don’t in outlying areas – then we might have more like 15 percent of that idea.
We are not scoffing at the efforts of these magistrates to get some measure of legislation that could be accepted by this fiscal court, but we wonder why the task is so difficult.
We wonder about conflicts of interest, politics and personal relationships.
We wonder why the wrong thing continues to be their right answer.
Yes, we are applauding this trash plan that the county is pursuing. We hope each of you will seize on the information and use a service that comes to your home and collects your recycling, as is done in tens of thousands of governments across the nation where it promotes recycling more than any standalone facility in an industrial park ever could.
We always hold up Shelby County as being an example of what is right.
This it is an example of what is 10 percent right.
Now, if we could just figure out why the Shelbyville City Council has decided to back track and not include recycling in their prices. But for now, we guess that a 50 percent plan is still better than the other 10 percent plan.