WHAT WE THINK: Our holiday wish list includes more candidates

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The election lineup is thin, and we need some help in Shelby County.

Dear Santa:
We have a special request we want to whisper in your ear this holiday, and this is a gift you really don’t have to deliver until next year.

Please, Dear Santa, send us some candidates for public office.

We were making a list and checking it twice, and, although we sometimes know who is naughty or nice, we didn’t find many new names of people who have filed to run for public office next year.

Yes, there remains plenty of time for people to sign up for races, but we saw a long list of incumbents having filed and didn’t read many fresh names. With few exceptions – U.S. Senate, appellate-level judicial candidates, Family Court Judge and Shelby County Sheriff – incumbents so far are unchallenged. There were in newly open races names – some new, some familiar – to spark discussions about our issues. But we would hope there would be even more in those races.

So, Santa, you can see that this gift from you could bring smiles to our faces. We like for the public to have choices, and it looks as if only you could fulfill that wish.

Thank you for all the gifts you bring to us in Shelby County. We think fresh political blood is a gift that can last long into the future.

Merry Christmas