What we think: Our Christmas list for Santa

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Jolly Old St. Nicholas, lend your ear this way. But don’t be afraid to tell everyone what we’re going to say.
Christmas Eve is coming soon, now you Dear Old Man, we’ll whisper what you’ll bring to we. Please help us if you can.
Our requests won’t add weight to your million-ton bag or create much drag on your supersonic sleigh. In fact, we think to do so would be sad.
As for us our little heads aren’t very bright.
But we’ll tell you please, dear Santa Claus, what we think is right.
We wish that our people find the true meaning of peace on earth, good will to men. All colors, creeds and national origins were created the same.
We need to give our fellow man a break, no matter his country of origin?
We wish that Jim Duckett’s murderer would be found, that a large network of dope smugglers can be broken and that drugs would be wiped from our community.
We hope that retail spaces on Main Street will be filled not only with new businesses but be teeming with customers.
We ask that when Kroger moves into its new digs, a big name takes over its old corner on Boone Station.
How about a new, unique restaurant for the place the Bistro called home? Sushi, anyone?
But we also wish for the Bell House to flourish, McKinley’s to thrive and Sam’s and Fiesta Mexicana to burst at their seams.
We want the City Center to be built in Shelbyville, just like Leon Mooneyhan drew it up.
We ask for healthier habits for our residents who smoke and live on fast food.
We want the East End plans to become reality, and those for Simpsonville’s core, too.
We dream of a day when we can ride a bike and run from one county park to the other without having to worry about vehicular traffic.
Can you help tobacco, corn and hay have a better day in 2011?
We want a new hybrid vehicle for everyone, but starting with government officials.
We hope the homes on West Main that need repairs get them.
That we’ll receive more space for our shelters for the needy and food for our food banks.
We hope our medical market stabilizes and our health-care debate rationalizes.
Can you bring a moment in the state limelight for Rob Rothenburger that doesn’t end too soon?
Can you eliminate the words “conservative” and “liberal” from our consciousness?
When it’s very hot and very cold can we just understand that without making it political?
And could you please stop by the Middle East, pick up our sons, husbands, fathers and brothers and bring them home to us safely. Soon. Christmas Day would be swell.
They can keep their terror over there.
That’s our list, old St. Nick, no boxes, no ribbons, no mess.
It’s everything we could ever want, you, too, surely you confess.
We won’t ask for anything nest year,
If you can grant these simple forays.
But we’ll top it of with one more.
For all 41,000 or so of us in Shelby County, Happy Holidays!