What we think: Henry Cleveland recorded our lives

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By The Staff

Shelby County lost another one of its quieter but more influential residents this past week.

Henry Cleveland may have been known as an affable mailman, a documentary photographer and a God-fearing friend to many residents, but to Shelby County he was all those things and more.

Mr. Cleveland has helped record the history of our county, taking images of its people and places and collecting them as a valuable and irreplaceable archive.

A tour to the Shelby County Historical Center shows you the visual history of our county, and many of those images came from the lens, film and, yes, eye of Henry Cleveland.

That his photographs have been saved and used in that manner has been honored in Shelbyville – Henry’s son Jim was Citizen of the Year in the city last year for allowing those contributions for the public good – and we all can use that work to carry forward for generations not only the stories passed down in oral histories and tattered clippings but in the sort of visual formats that will make impressions on all those who study them.

You have read many tributes to Mr. Cleveland’s character, his work and his friendship.

We think in memoriam there is one wonderful legacy: Even in his passing, he lives on in our hearts, our homes and our history books.