What we think: Cordy Armstrong will be missed

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Former magistrate was a respected community leader.

Shelby County lost one of its truest and most dedicated servants last week, when longtime magistrate Cordy Armstrong passed away.

All you have to do is read the glowing tributes to Mr. Armstrong’s character and commitment – which aren’t always linked when talking about public officials – to understand what those who knew him best and worked alongside him thought of his contributions to our society.

Mr. Armstrong was not the county’s most vocal leader. He was not a campaigner who built a reputation for bold statements and lived with the status quo.

But he was a man, it is said, of bold action, of commitment to his constituents, of conscience for his community.

Mr. Armstrong retired last fall after more than two decades of service to Shelby County Fiscal Court, and, to a person, his fellow magistrates spoke of how he made considered decisions and stuck to the principles that guided him.

We, as residents, were blessed by those principles, and our county grew significantly and well during his days in office.

We hope that in his passing Mr. Armstrong’s legacy will live on. It’s one of those passages that should be embraced as example and not just in mourning.