We congratulate: Those who finally opened the bypass

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By The Staff

We must in the sense of fairness today congratulate those who did the work, made the decision and, ultimately, took down the final barriers to open the Shelbyville Bypass.

We have catcalled, cajoled and even cried a bit these past few years as the bypass construction moved a long at a pace that was both insensitive to local residents and insulting to taxpayers in general,

But now the road is open, and all is right in the world.

We could belabor the fact of how much the road cost, of how slow the contractors moved, of how preposterous the state’s contract was to begin with, but that would seem like trying to put air back into the balloon and not be, well, worth the effort.

So here is what we will say in the end:

Our citizens deserved this road and the benefits of avoiding traffic jams while driving through Shelbyville.

Our leaders deserved this road because they had worked so hard for so many years to get the road through political and financial sausage making.

And, above everyone else, Shelbyville Mayor Tom Hardesty deserved it because he won’t again have to comment about trying to negotiate Midland Trail at 4 p.m. or saying he is (pick one) happy as can be or disappointed as can be about the next bend in the road.

To say the road is open is one thing, but to suggest this story is finished is another.

There are signs to erect and correct, intersection mechanics that must be evaluated and, we’re sure, development battles and debates to be engaged.

To those points we add this: We’ve reached the holiday season, a time of peace and good will on Earth.

To Kay and Kay Construction, to all the contractors who worked on the job, to the state Transportation Cabinet and to Shelby County’s leaders, we say thanks.

We appreciate the new road.