We congratulate: The teachings of Caterina Karas

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Collins' junior track star shows us how to set goals and pursue them steadfastly.

Something tells us this won’t be the last time we congratulate Caterina Karas for winning a state championship.

Karas, a junior at Collins, in November captured the first state championship silver for the Titans’ new trophy case by running away with the cross-country championship, and on Thursday she added two more baubles by winning her events at the state track & field meet.

Her victories in the 1,600- and 3,200-meter runs – that’s the metric mile and 2-mile runs – in one meet is a fabulous feat of feet.

But it is her narrow loss in the 800 (the half-mile) that we find the most exemplary for Ms. Karas.

First, to invest the time and energy to compete in three events at the highest level in a single evening – she had won them all in the regional a week earlier – is amazing to us, a real example for young people that sometimes can seem to lack commitment much less energy.

But to do so with such a level of excellence, to beat the best she could face, to challenge herself to be better, to push and grind and pursue goals that not only are there but also stretch her in every way…these are the gold-standard guides for our walk through life.

Distance running is not something done in haste, not simply the ability to pick up your feet and put them down quickly. This is an exercise in concentration, in focus, in physical trauma and in simple effort.

To complete and compete in such events is fabulous. To be rewarded at the end is even better.

These are lessons for all of us.

We thank Ms. Karas for teaching us.