We congratulate: A student who has guts

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Claire Kelly took adventure to new heights and inspired us all.

We are in awe of Claire Kelly. We wish we had just half her courage and determination.

In case you aren’t familiar with Ms. Kelly, she’s the junior from Shelby County High School who on Thursday rappelled down the 30-story Lexington Financial Center.

And why did Ms. Kelly do this? Well, because it was there.

She’s part of the Venture Club, an affiliate of scouting, but this bouncing ride from on high primarily stemmed from her commitment to ad-venture.

Ms. Kelly was born in Colorado, where such activities are common. Her father was there holding the ropes while she and dozens of others made the drop.

She impressed us with having laughed all the way down and for saying she wanted to take on more adventurous activities in the future.

These sorts of daredevil activities are not for everyone, no matter the age, but can’t we all learn from her fearlessness and guile? Can’t we all learn from her sprit?

Every aspect of our society can benefit from some big ideas and solutions that aren’t predicated by consequences. We need that sort of thinking.

And we shouldn’t have to drop 30 stories down the side of a building to achieve it.