We congratulate: Shelburne, Vowels on their service

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By The Staff

 Tuesday night was Dottie Shelburne's last meeting as a commissioner for the city of Simpsonville.

After six years of service, Ms. Shelburne, a lifelong resident of the community, has decided to retire. She cites flagging health, but she also is moved by having won November's election by one vote, an election that was tainted because some voters outside the city limits received incorrect ballots.

Cary Vowels, the veteran commissioner who finished just behind Ms. Shelburne, will assume her seat and continue his valuable service.

For putting the public ahead of themselves, both of these individuals deserve our congratulations.

After the election, Mr. Vowels declined to ask for a new election - which would have been his right - and decided to let the vote stand. It was an honorable decision.

Ms. Shelburne said she didn't feel comfortable with being the subject of such a debate, and she said she would step down -- if Vowels would assume her seat. Another honorable decision.

That happened Tuesday night, and Simpsonville has been fortunate to have two such longtime, dedicated public servants to serve on its commission. They have served their constituents well.

Though it's sad to see Ms. Shelburne step down, each candidate's approach to this situation is commendable, exemplary and a far cry from election fraud, mudsling and morass that tends to go on elsewhere.

Ms. Shelburne,  we wish you well and encourage you to remain involved as a citizen.

Mr. Vowels, we congratulate you on your return. Citizens of Simpsonville, we're happy for you.