We congratulate: Shawn Allen’s U.S. Senate role

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Shelby County High School junior Shawn Allen Jr. did us proud in Washington, D.C.

Shawn Allen Jr., a junior at Shelby County High School, has spent these past few months getting to understand a process that most of us in the senior classes of life only barely can grasp.

Mr. Allen since September has been a page for U.S. Sen. Mitch McConnell as part of the Senate Page School program.

Not only has Mr. Allen walked the halls of histrionics during one of the more tumultuous periods of our country’s congressional history, but he also has been paid for that work, he was voted president of the page class, and he was asked to give its commencement speech, which he did Friday at the capitol.

For anyone of any particular political persuasion, this has to be seen as a remarkable time in this young man’s life.

Most high school juniors spend their days and nights worrying about getting their SAT scores in place, lining up the appropriate classes for their senior years and wondering if they would be lucky enough to get dates for the junior/senior prom.

We are willing to bet that Mr. Allen thought about none of these during his months in Washington, and we suspect the education he received will be far more valuable than a high mark in any classroom, even if it doesn’t directly transfer to his transcript.

We commend him for his accomplishment, and we encourage him to share the knowledge and perspective gleaned with his fellow students, his teachers and our community.

His opportunity is unique, the sponge in his skull still uncluttered by passing years, and now is the time to absorb and to savor and to filter that knowledge for the better understanding of us all.

Good work, Shawn, and keep us posted.