We Congratulate: The selfless act of a mother

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It should come as no surprise that a mother, of all people, would go the extra mile for her son.

Mothers have been doing all they could for their children since mothers had children.

But the story of Judith Nigh donating a kidney for her son, Ben, brought tears to our eyes.

Anyone who has a mother can almost hear them jumping at the chance to donate the kidney, stepping up for their child like no other person could do.

Fathers are great, they love their children, too, but moms always hold that special spot.

Especially for their little boys.

The fact that Nigh ignored, with the doctor’s ok, of course, the normal criteria, well, that just makes her choice that much better.

We could call it a sacrifice, but we all know it’s a move any mother would make.

So, yes, we congratulate Mrs. Nigh, but it also make us realize how we should all congratulate and thank our mothers for what they have done for us and what they will likely continue to do for us well past our childhood.