We congratulate: School officials for Casey event

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By The Staff

After months of decision-making and planning, the Shelby County School Board got it right with the way it handled the dedication of the new Mike Casey Gymnasium.

Such events are christenings, bottle-breaking sorts of affairs. Often the dignitaries are unfamiliar to those attending and thus unimportant in the scheme of things.

But school officials planned and coordinated the event to make it relevant to everyone, from the members of Mr. Casey’s family who attended to his former teammates and even to the students who suited up with Mr. Casey’s former number (34) and painted on their backs and his name spelled out on their fronts.

Many schools simply would have put a plaque next to the front door and called it a renaming, but Mr. Casey’s signature lives on through a large and wonderful logo on the court itself.

Though he has given many autographs during his illustrious career, Mr. Casey no doubt would be humbled by such a flourish.

But we think it was just right.

Now, we ask, what will officials of Mr. Casey’s hometown of Simpsonville do to top it?