We congratulate: Rousing jubilee to open festivities

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The Shelbyville Horse Show Jubilee was particularly strong this year.

The 23rd Shelbyville Horse Show steps off tonight, and there will be some pressure on its organizers. Because like any great opening act, the jubilee that proceeds the competition to rev us up for the show was powerful this year.

The Shelby Development Corporation organizes this 3-day preliminary every year, but we can’t imagine any festival having been more successful than the one completed this past Saturday with a rousing evening on Main Street.

There were perhaps two thousand people milling around downtown, checking out the 169 vintage vehicles that lined four city blocks, sampling food offerings from a variety of clubs, benefits and vendors, listening to the long-beloved tunes from Leo Night and the Moonlighters and breeching the open doors of the shops along the street.

That followed the annual kickoff breakfast and Saddlebred show-off at Undulata Farm, a student art contest, a stick-horse parade, a rubber duck race and chalk art around the courthouse that maybe you have seen as recently as Monday morning.

That so many people from so many age groups participated is one of the beauties of the jubilee, and this year the weather wasn’t a deterrent for any event.

We hope the same holds true when the horses don their finery.

All of the jubilee events formed a wonderful and beautiful celebration for Shelby County and its signature industry.

And we give it a blue ribbon.