We congratulate: A really big -- and good -- show

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The Shelbyville Horse Show did another bang-up job for Shelby County and its image.

Another successful Shelbyville Horse Show has finished its run, and by all accounts its 22nd edition may have been the biggest and best ever.

Certainly large crowds turned out during the four days, despite sweltering heat, and the number of horses entered grew significantly, bringing in vans from as far away as Texas to compete against the best.

The impact on Shelby County’s tourism was extremely positive. Hotels and restaurants gained business, and we can’t imagine how beneficial this event was for those who supplied support materials for the horses.

Our horse show has been rated as one of the 10 best of the summer by the state, and we agree that it is a jewel whose sparkle is starting to glint in many eyes.

To have celebrities and politicians understand its potential is one thing, but when paying customers and horse people put this on their calendar as a must-attend event, then we know we truly have accomplished something positive for all of us, something to embrace as uniquely and magnanimously Shelby County.

Good work.