WE CONGRATULATE: A pretty Fair event this year

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The 151st Shelby County Fair was another fine show.

The conclusion of the Shelby County Fair is a sad day for fair fans and a happy day for organizers, who devote countless hours and immeasurable amounts of blood, sweat and tears to producing the show each year. For the first time in weeks, they can go about their regular lives and maybe even get a little rest.

This event is such an iconic element of Shelby County, a celebration of its history and its residents, and we appreciate those who give so much to benefit so many.

We have in past years been somewhat critical of the fair – we still don’t like the gate admission and separate ride bracelets, but we understand its “why” – but we have to congratulate its decision-makers on their aggressive pursuit of diversity and development when it comes to making the fair unique each year.

It would be easy to conceive that the fair is a bunch of competitions built around rides and food that is tasty, if not always the best for your health. You would be wrong to think that only those with animals on display, pies to be tasted or young people in pageants actually benefit from the fair.

For this is a community celebration, an attempt to bring together all aspects of our populace and divergent talent pools into a shared show of the finest we have to offer.

And organizers have spread those efforts – with a variety of musical acts, to a new pet show in the old tradition, to adding automobiles to the tractors and an embraceable new pageant to the lineup of the beautiful – to include more and more of us.

The fair always has been an interesting event in Shelby County, and it’s difficult to maintain interest in a world that has so many elements pulling at our attention span.

But we commend the Shelby County A&M Association for its annual efforts. We’re glad to have them celebrate Shelby County.