We congratulate: Preschool worker who stopped choking

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By The Staff

Amy Wells listened in class, and as a result, one of her students escaped a difficult situation.

Ms. Wells is a staff member at Jacob’s Ladder Preschool in Shelbyville, and about a week ago, she was there when a chip became stuck in the throat of one of the students.

Ms. Wells did not panic. She recalled exactly what she had learned in her required Red Cross classes, and she applied that knowledge to dislodge the chip and quickly help the child to breathe normally again.

A story in U.S. News & World Report says that between 66 and 77 children under the age of 10 die each year from choking. Grapes and hotdogs are high-potential problems, but chips also can be a problem.

Each situation provides its own dangerous circumstances, and each must be handled quickly and appropriately to keep the children safe. Preschool/daycare environments can be particularly prone to potential choking because of the ages of the students and their state of near constant activity.

We’re glad Jacob’s Ladder had Ms. Wells on staff, and we believe she set a great example for how important this training and response can be.

We’re glad her act was recognized by the Shelby chapter of the American Red Cross, and we want to add another round of applause.

Well done, Ms. Wells.