We congratulate: Plan to build trails around Shelbyville

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The Clear Creek Conservation Trust has a good plan that needs your help.

We love the concept of building a trail around the City of Shelbyville, to connect Clear Creek and Red Orchard parks with a pathway for runners, walkers and cyclists to patrol the rim of Clear Creek.

We think this is an important step in helping Shelbyville become the type of full-service and healthier, greener community it should be.

It could – and hopefully will – be the first lane of a series of such trails that roll through the county.

And, let’s face it, there is land and properties along Clear Creek that need to be repurposed, pollution that needs to be removed and an ecological minus that should be turned into a plus.

But, first things first, we eagerly await the presentation March 28 by the Clear Creek Conservation Trust, to understand more details and recognize our opportunities.

The trust’s leaders say they are ahead of schedule on what they had projected to be a decades-long plan, but they need more help.

That’s where you can come into play.

You can support this effort via donations. Maybe you own some land along the creek, or maybe you just believe in the mission and have the means to help it become a reality.

In any and every way, you can contribute and get on the trail to developing this system.

There is no downside to this idea, only pluses for everyone.