We congratulate: Our candidates for Nov. 2

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By The Staff

The Primary Election has passed, and now we have our slate for November.

There are not enough candidates in our races, but still we have key choices to make.

We congratulate candidates who won primaries, those who won vs. indifference (i.e. no competition) and those who will join this process in the fall.

We appreciate your willingness to serve, your commitment to your community and your embracing of public life that is so difficult for most of us to imagine.

You stay on the move, get paid very little and put up with constant criticisms from counterproductive competitors to comedic constituents.

§       Now, as we move through these next 22 weeks, we offer you, each candidate, a few pieces of advice:

Keep your campaign on the highest of roads.

§       Keep the issues clear and the topics appropriate.

§       Don’t let rhetoric and vitriol overpower reason and right.

§       Let’s remember that our problems are shared, but only our ideas for responding them should differ.

§       Let’s speak for ourselves and not let party cohorts elsewhere create our words.

Our bottom line is this: Let’s have a political season that focuses on solutions and not problems.

Because all of us can provide the latter but only a few are in touch with the former.