We congratulate: One of our own who is a winner

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Ann-Blair Thornton, the granddaughter of Ann and Bill Borders of Shelbyville, did us proud in the Miss America pageant.

What a heart-warming story it was for a young woman whose bloodlines seep deep into Shelby County’s fabric to wear the sash of Miss Kentucky across the stages of Las Vegas last week.

We speak of the Miss America pageant on Saturday and the heritage of Ann-Blair Thornton, who grew from the gene pool of the Borders family in Shelby County.

Most of you know Bill and Ann Borders, part of the former ownership of Smith-McKenney Drug Co. Perhaps you know their children or even some of their grandchildren. Ann-Blair Thornton of Bowling Green is one of them.

Doubtless, the Borders family was bursting with pride as it flocked to Vegas – more than 40 strong – to watch several events and otherwise commune in support of one of their own.

Perhaps you watched and with us pulled for Ms. Thornton’s success. Perhaps you read that she had won a scholarship for her public platform, which is Alzheimer’s disease, based on the experiences of her paternal grandfather.

Even if you had no clue, surely you now can embrace one of our families who got to enjoy such a positive performance.

In a time when so many young people gain attention for the wrong things, we always love to revel in those who are doing their best and making a statement.

Ann-Blair Thornton will be Miss Kentucky until next summer, but she will be in our history and hearts forever.