WE CONGRATULATE: Old Man Winter and his ability to surprise

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We finally thought it was safe. Furnaces were turned off, windows were opened and necks were slightly sunburned.

We started to pack away our stocking caps and winter coats. Yes the long, cold, brutal winter was finally over.

Or so we thought.

We have long believed that you give credit where credit is due, whether you agree or not, and Old Man Winter deserves a little credit.

After waking up to nearly freezing temperatures and a thin blanket of snow on the ground Tuesday morning, Jack Frost left a not-so-subtle reminder that he is still in charge.

Mother Nature had given the daffodils, forsythia and magnolia trees the go-ahead to open and grace us with their beauty. The bees were buzzing and the robins chirping, but Old Man Winter wasn’t about to go.

How’s the line go?

“Just when I think I’m out, they pull me back in.”

Many honeysuckle bushes, azaleas and Bradford pear trees may lose some of their luster this year because of this late attack.

It wasn’t a polar vortex, but after temperatures near 80 over the weekend it felt like one.

But let’s not forget the credit. While Old Man Winter gets credit for sneaking up on us, he also gets it for sneaking up bugs.

Let’s not forget that a late cold snap can really damage the mosquito population.

Maybe, just maybe, Old Man Winter was giving us a little reprieve for all our suffering from December through March.