WE CONGRATULATE: New faces, old winners on election lineup

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There will be some interesting races this year.

There is much to congratulate about the election year that is shaping up in Shelby County, but we will take second things first.

We congratulate all the new individuals who have stepped forward to take a shot at public leadership this May and November.

From state senator to the mayoral race in Shelbyville to its city council to three judgeships to a variety of magistrates, you will have new people to get to know and understand before casting your ballot. We look forward to the debate and the decision.

Then, of course, there are those who already have been assured – virtually – that they will return to the seats some of them have held for generations.

That state Rep. Brad Montell, Shelby County Judge-Executive Rob Rothenburger, County Clerk Sue Carole Perry, County Attorney Hart Megibben, Jailer Bobby Waits, long-term magistrates Hubie Pollett and Tony Carriss and many others of varying years of service – more than a century of service combined – were rubber-stamped back into the job was a dual compliment. Not only do their constituents feel they’ve done a good work, but potential candidates did not deem them to provide an opportunity to run against them. They saw no chance of winning.

There are more races coming, too, with the non-partisan slates for the Shelby County School Board and Simpsonville City Commission, among others, likely to draw some interest from persons who haven’t previously sat on those boards.

All in all, we think the lineup for this year is taking shape nicely, and we look forward to filling out the ballots and seeing how new faces do in their races.

And we look forward to helping you pay attention, because it’s all for you.