We congratulate: Mr. Hudson’s choice by United Way

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Bobby Hudson is the right man to lead the county's United Way drive.

The choice of Bobby Hudson to head Shelby County’s United Way campaign is a terrific one for those who want to raise money to help community service organizations in Shelby County.

Mr. Hudson, the popular and capable CEO of the Shelby County Industrial & Development Foundation, certainly knows his way around our boardrooms, corporate offices and public leadership ladder.

With decades spent in banking, business development and luring new companies and jobs to the county, Mr. Hudson is known by almost everyone who makes decisions on any level.

And our programs in Shelby County need such a person leading the effort to help them.

You likely saw the figures last week that United Way distributed 6 percent less in 2010 than it did in 2009. That continued a period of decline under troublesome economic times that have stripped Shelby County of jobs and companies and threatened others.

But now, with Mr. Hudson’s help, many manufacturers, the backbone of the United Way in a small market, are growing again. The workforce is increasing by hundreds of jobs, largely because state economic developers have turned their attention to helping them grow.

We hope Mr. Hudson now can persuade those companies to invest again in helping Shelby Countians, in helping their neighbors who need it, in helping programs that help those residents.

We think he can.