We congratulate: Mr. Andriot's latest venture

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By The Staff


He has taken another historic building that for years housed The Armstrong Agency and turned it into what he hopes will be an upscale Tuscan/Mediterranean eatery, called The Bell House.

And we like that idea quite a lot.

Shelbyville needs a continued insurgence of energy, and Mr. Andriot – as with his brother, Bill, and his father, William – long have provided power to new looks and new initiatives that have improved our county seat. Mr. Andriot has led many parades, and this new one could strike a wonderful chord for our future.

This is not to endorse his restaurant, because we want each restaurant in Shelby County to grow a steady clientele, attract visitors and ultimately succeed. That way, each meal is a fine one for all of us.

But we do want to applaud Mr. Andriot’s latest venture for its panache and veracity.

And we hope that others follow his lead. 

Bob Andriot, Shelbyville’s eternal “Music Man,” is playing a new tune on Main Street.