We congratulate: Martinrea’s rebound

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The company has added jobs and found a new life, which is good for all of us.

Those employment figures at Martinrea Heavy Stamping are surely something to brag about. Adding 150 jobs to a hanging-by-a-thread workforce deserves applause from all of us.

Shelby County Fiscal Court certainly offered its good wishes last week, and we join the magistrates in saying thank you to the company and to Ford Motor Company for its continuing and growing commitment to Shelby County.

As nation, state and county fight the battle to find jobs for residents, manufacturing has been growing. We have told you through various forums about the hundreds of new positions added to that sector in our county along.

And though we are but a rivet in the national economic assembly line, we are an important rivet that helps hold a corner of the framework together tightly.

Ford has been praised for its handling of the economic swoon that consumed many companies and contorted others in 2008 and 2009.

Martinrea, which almost closed its doors during that period, found a way to hang in there and then catch Ford’s fire for Kentucky and rekindle a blaze of activity.

We are thankful for those who again can work a full day for pay and feel not only fulfilled but also filled full.

It’s a great thing. Doesn’t it make you smile?