WE CONGRATULATE: Mall road trip by Simpsonville officials

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Simpsonville Mayor Steve Eden and City Adminstrator David Eaton made a prudent trip to check out a new outlet mall near Atlanta.

The decision by Simpsonville Mayor Steve Eden and City Administrator David Eaton to take a road trip to Metro Atlanta to check out Horizon Group Properties’ recently opened outlet mall is a smart and responsible concept.

Mr. Eden and Mr. Eaton seek to learn from the leadership of Woodstock, Ga., and the managers of Outlet Shoppes At Atlanta about how the grand opening last month evolved for all concerned and what they might anticipate for a similar event next year at the Outlet Shoppes of Louisville in south Simpsonville.

They also seek to address in particular two issues that critics of this project brought up on several occasions: traffic and light pollution.

News reports said there was a mile-long traffic backup as thousands traveled to that opening, and Mr. Eden said he particularly was interested to see the mall property at night so that he could understand clearly what sort of impact the mostly rural residents around Buck Creek and Veechdale roads might anticipate.

The easy thing would be to sit back, listen to projections and then respond accordingly in 2014, but we think Simpsonville residents and potential customers of the mall will be served much more appropriately by the legwork of a 2-day trip to Georgia.