We congratulate: Latest good news for our industries

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More state incentives mean more industrial growth and more jobs for Shelby County.

More good economic news arrived Thursday when state economic development officials approved tax incentives for expansion projects at Katayama American Co. and Shelby Industries.

On top of the hot fudge sundae that was the earlier announcement at Martinrea Heavy Stamping, these are two plump and tasty cherries.

That the companies received the incentives and will add, between them, more than 30 new jobs in the next year is wonderful news. These are opportunities for workers who have lost their jobs or maybe looking for new opportunities.

But the real celebratory issue here is that these companies are again investing in their enterprises, stoking out economy and, yes, growing, if slowly but surely.

For Katayama, that’s another positive step in the improving automotive industry.

For Shelby Industries, it’s the even more compelling story line of a new line of business that could bring even greater expansion – and even more jobs.

We applaud the forward thinking and exuberance of the companies’ management, and we offer our thanks to the state for being willing to participate in their plans.

And we hope these three seeds of stability sprout into a full and beautiful garden of economic Eden in Shelby County.

It’s time for our long, cold winter to end.