WE CONGRATULATE: Honoring of Kerry Magan

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Shelbyville's citizen of the year, Kerry Magan, is worthy of the award.

You don’t find many important public meetings when Kerry Magan doesn’t show up.

Whether it’s a land usage plan before the Triple S Planning Commission, a zoning decision by a legislative body, the development of a new trash and recycling center, a historical matter or even simply a humanitarian matter involving a local resident, Mr. Magan is both omnipresent and omni-involved.

That’s why Shelbyville Mayor Tom Hardesty last week declared him the city’s Citizen of the Year for 2013, and that’s why we think the selection was appropriate and important.

Mr. Hardesty commended Mr. Magan for those contributions to what he called “the betterment of the community.”

But we would like to add to that endorsement by reinforcing the example Mr. Magan sets for those who would do more than talk about what they think is the best course of action. That’s easy. Mr. Magan shows up and gets involved.

To be sure, as an engineer – in fact, a former contractor for the city – Mr. Magan sometimes personally gains from his involvement, but he does not stop his advocacy or participation with subjects in which he has such involvement.

He is a resident of Main Street, a contributor to the tax base, a person who cares about the character and history of our community. He always has wanted to help, and he has spent countless hours doing so.

In this beginning political season, when we are looking for candidates to step forward and challenge the status quo, we would point to Kerry Magan as an example.

He hasn’t been elected to any public office, but he sure does serve.