WE CONGRATULATE: Foundation’s new dollar match plan

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The new plan by the Shelby County Community Foundation takes philanthropy to new level.

What a great idea the Shelby County Community Foundation has initiated by creating a plan to help nonprofit groups help themselves.

We always have been troubled by any group that seems to exist only for grants and handouts from corporations. We appreciate those who do the work, build themselves and are rewarded for that effort.

The community foundation does great philanthropy in Shelby County, and we don’t question any organization that has received its largesse. The scrubbing and due diligence with applications is very thorough and well-developed since the days of Moses Reuben’s bequeath.

But there are some organizations that have proven their mettle in developing a pay-as-you-go attitude, and now the community foundation will help those groups in a new way. The payouts will be less, but there will be a very strong understanding of an equity-plus-sweat-equity process.

There never are enough dollars for all the needs of a community, and Shelby County has an extraordinary number of generous individuals.

So we are exceedingly encouraged when a new program emerges.

Way to go.