We congratulate: The firefighter who saved a life

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Bobby Cravens' good work is a good example.

We would be remiss if we let any more time pass and didn’t say a proper congratulations to Bobby Cravens, the firefighter from Simpsonville who in a set of incredible coincidences was available and able to save the life of his parents’ neighbors on the July 4th weekend.

In case you missed the story, Andre Evans was having a heart attack, and his wife, Teresa, was rushing him from their home on Hunter’s Lane to get medical help when she noticed a Simpsonville Fire Department vehicle parked at a house along the way.

Mr. Cravens was having dinner with his parents and brothers, and when Teresa Evans knocked, the Cravens did a bit more than simply open their door.

They opened their hearts, their home and their compassion, allowing Mr. Cravens and his brothers, trained in First Aid as well, to help prolong Andre Evans’ life until an ambulance could arrive and whisk him away to surgery, from which he recovered. Doctors credited their work as the turning point in determining whether Mr. Evans survived.

Yes, there’s a sense of the divine in the way this event unfolded, and, yes, Mr. Cravens is trained to save lives. He expects to be in this sort of position.

But he probably has spent far more time being trained in those techniques than he has in hearing praise for what he can and does do.

Mr. Cravens – and the rest of his family – not only deserves all the praise and thank-yous they have received from Mr. Evans’ family, but they equally should hear it from us, members of the community.

We need to encourage our saviors and our heroes, and we need to hold them as examples for all of us to emulate.