We congratulate: Dream-inspired 7th Street plan

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We love citizen-inspired ideas, and we hope this one gets off to a fast start.

We really like this new plan for 7th Street. We like the idea that our leaders are taking steps to improve an important corridor for the value of Shelbyville and for the quality of life for Shelby Countians.
We like the idea of the new roundabout to enter the Clear Creek Park, and we like the new, uncrumbled sidewalks on both sides of the street.
We like the idea of painting the railroad overpass and of redeveloping some of the vacant and decaying property around it.
Yes, we embrace this entire plan, and we hope that our leaders can find a way to make some of it happen, because otherwise this may just become another dusty dream on somebody’s office shelf.
We need to embrace the idea that big, resident-inspired plans to improve the quality of our community always are welcome by trying quickly to act on them.
Shelbyville’s East End, Simpsonville’s Village Center and the upcoming widening of Mount Eden Road already are on the books with enhancements for all of us.
But we think the 7th Street Plan is the best and most immediately doable.
We hope that property owners along that corridor will embrace the project and help our governments manage and execute these ideas.
We think that bolstering the public’s ability to reach Clear Creek Park on foot or otherwise self-powered is good in every way.
And we think creating an attractive entree will lure even more folks toward the park and into active lifestyles that return the significant investment of our parks system.
Yes, we’re happy with this first step, and we hope the effort quickly breaks into a trot.