WE CONGRATULATE: CUB's emergence from examination

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A healthy bank is good for all of us, and we believe this process has rendered Citizens Union Bank healthier.

We were pleased to read that Citizens Union Bank has emerged from the oversight of state banking examiners and has steadied its course for the future.

CUB this year is marking 125 years as part of Shelby County, and we certainly think this good news adds candles to that celebratory cake.

The volatile real estate market of a few years ago and the aggressive investment in Shelby County by a hometown bank came together to create some dicey days for CUB. We, too, were saddened that bank examination became part of the process of sorting out those problems.

But those steps have been completed successfully, and that’s a dividend for officials’ investment in a process that only could bring clarity and confidence to customers, shareholders and business owners with whom they partner.

Bank officials learned a few things about their institution, and the community learned a few things about the bank.

Transparency is good no matter what, and we appreciate the transparency that has been part of this process.

We wish CUB well for its future and hope it will continue to be based successfully in Shelby County for another 125 years – at least.