WE CONGRATULATE: Crabtree on his hall of fame induction

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We were surprised to find out that Charles “Redd” Crabtree was the first show horse trainer to be inducted into the Kentucky Athletic Hall of Fame.

Crabtree was a member of the 2014 class, inducted just last week, and while we believe it was a well-earned honor, we have to add that it’s about time – both for him and the show horse community.

Other states and other communities host horse shows of all kinds, but none are so closely associated with it as Kentucky. Our state fair hosts the World Championship and our state is synonymous with the animal – and not just for racing.

Crabtree recognized the issue, and added that he hoped his recognition was “a breakthrough.”

A man that has been involved with countless World Champions – wining every class at some point in his more than 6 decades in the business, – has left a legacy that will not be forgotten.

He was the founder, and president, of the United Professional Horseman’s Association and has been elected to the Kentucky State Fair Hall of Fame.

Now that one well-deserved member of the show horse community has broken through that door, it’s time for many more.

As Crabtree put it: I’m not the last [saddlehorse person to be inducted], and I know there are a lot of guys, a generation before me, who belong there. We know how hard we work, the athleticism needed to train, and how hard it is to package a horse show, the general public knows that too.”

And hopefully now, too, does the Kentucky Athletic Hall of Fame.