We congratulate: Character jockey Jon Court has showed in his career

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He has persevered for 30 years before getting his first mount in the Kentucky Derby.

Jon Court didn’t ride off with the roses at the Kentucky Derby on Saturday, but he is nevertheless a winner.
His perseverance, his patience, his talent and his character shone beneath a strong spotlight in Louisville last week, and for that we congratulate him.
Winning horse races, games, political campaigns, agricultural competitions and even beauty pageants all take talent, poise and commitment.
But not all winners are successful, because they leave behind the best of themselves in their arenas of competition and do not carry them into their next phase.
Think of all those who have been chosen who have let us down with either their lack of honesty, their lifestyles or their basic personalities.
Jon Court awoke Sunday as still a successful jockey, as a proud father and husband, as a resident of our community who stands for what he has tried to accomplish as much for what he has accomplished.
We embrace that sort of effort and that foundation of character.
For they are the real winning examples for all of us.