WE CONGRATULATE: Bobby Hudson's contributions to Shelby County.

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His award from the Boy Scouts was well-deserved.

Those who endorse Bobby Hudson for lifetime achievement awards – and there are many of both endorsers and awards – always say the same thing:

He built so much of Shelby County.

Mr. Hudson, the chief executive officers of the Shelby County Industrial and Development Foundation, may never have lifted a board or driven a nail climbed a ladder with a load of shingles, but when it comes to foundations, he has helped to pour more than a few.

He was honored this past Thursday night by the Lincoln Heritage Council of Boy Scouts for lifetime humanitarian contributions to our county, a well-deserved trophy for a case that must include dozens of shiny statuettes and plaques.

But there also is the more symbolic nature of this particular award.

The Boy Scouts embrace as their motto “Be Prepared.”

Mr. Hudson is nothing if not prepared.

As a banker he helped business owners finance their enterprises.

As a business developer he helped to match individual to opportunity.

As head of the industrial foundation, he helped create space, endorsement and pathway not only to adding new manufacturing to our economic base but to adding jobs and opportunity for our residents.

In a way, he has been another Shelby County farmer, planting seeds with our government agencies , which in turned fertilized the soil where new machinery could be placed and erected.

That’s how he built foundations. That’s why Mr. Hudson was so honored.

There are many who lead us and endorse growth and option, but few in the past generation have done more than Mr. Hudson.

We think the Boy Scouts made a correct choice to honor his efforts, and ask Mr. Hudson to keep on doing what he ultimately always has done: Help Shelby County prosper.