We congratulate: Artavia Acklin, teacher of the year

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By The Staff

There is no greater professional reward than to be chosen as the best among your peers.

And because of that Artavia Acklin must feel very proud these days.

She was chosen the Teacher of the Year for Shelby County.

Teaching is a wonderful profession that attracts a very special breed of individual. There’s a dedication and commitment to excellence that is overpowering.

The best teachers take the curriculum given them and use some sort of mental magic to translate it into an almost Biblical quality, a message that must be delivered no matter the fragmentation of their audience. Their hours are endless, their problems Ecclesiastical, their frustrations endless.

And they don’t get paid nearly enough, either.

So when a woman such Ms. Acklin is singled out among the hundreds in her in her district as the best, well, that’s  an A+ accomplishment that deserves gold stars, marquee lettering and, yes, headlines and sound bites.

An apple just never did seem quite enough reward for what a teacher does.