WE CONGRATULATE: Antonita Slaughter’s Final 4 performance

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UofL player from Shelbyville did us proud

Wasn’t it nice to see a face from Shelbyville playing under the glaring spotlight of the NCAA Tournament’s Final 4?
We speak, of course, about Antonita Slaughter, the latest of the talented Slaughters from Shelbyville, who spearheaded the University of Louisville to the women’s Final 4 and thus became the first woman from Shelby County to play in that event.

So many talented players have come through here who didn’t play in a Final 4, from either gender. Charles Hurt and Terry Davis did, for the University of Kentucky and Western Kentucky, respectively, but Mike Casey, Jim Simons, Matt Simons, Charlie Matthews, Morris Stoner Sr., Kim Cunningham and even Antonita Slaughter’s own brother, the Mr. Basketball-robbed A.J., did not, to name a scant few.

Ms. Slaughter, who played at Christian Academy of Louisville, certainly did us proud in the limelight, very nearly setting a tournament record for 3-point shots made, as the Cardinals upset vaunted Baylor, Tennessee and California before falling short against the University of Connecticut.

Unlike some championship losses, this one won’t be so sour for the team. It achieved great feats and will be remembered for that.

And we can remember Ms. Slaughter for representing us in that effort.