We congratulate: Another fine show coming to a fine finish

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By The Staff

The 20th annual Shelbyville Horse Show is in the barn, and it emerged from a muddy start to be another crowning success for the city, Shelby County and all who call them home.

This has become the signature event of Shelby County each year, and it serves well in elevating the county’s status, creating prestige and bringing dollars into the public trough.

No, the horse show is not for everyone. Most of you did not attend, and many of you couldn’t give a horsefly if it even happens. That’s understandable.

But please recognize that organizers have through diligence and vision created an event that adds value to everything that happens in this county. Just look around at our neighbors who struggle for an identity and realize the advantages that we enjoy.

Shelby is not simply a bedroom community for Louisville and Frankfort, as Oldham, Bullitt and Anderson have become. It is not simply a mass of real estate trying to find its toehold, as Henry and Spencer seem to be.

No, Shelby County is the self-proclaimed but universally accepted Saddlebred Capital of the World, with our ever-growing number of horse farms. And the impact of that moniker on the values of real estate and the beauty of our countryside are both incalculable and undeniable.

So please join us in congratulating the people who make the show go on and our horse business thrive.

They add a little better gait – if you will – to our daily walk.