Walmart updates its 'experience'

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By Bobbie Lanham

The Walmart Supercenter in Shelbyville is undergoing a significant expansion of its floor space in an effort to create a better shopping experience for its customers.

This remodeling will give each of the store's departments an update, featuring new, wider aisles and more customer-friendly lower shelves. The exterior will get an update, too.

Walmart officials said they based their plans on feedback from customers.

"We are excited to bring an improved shopping experience to our customers," Walmart Manager David Woodcock said in a prepared statement. "We listened to our customers and are redesigning the store to make shopping at Walmart even easier."

Remodeling of the store at 500 Taylorsville Road began April 5, and most of the construction is expected to take place during non-peak shopping times and overnight.

The store will remain open throughout the process, and there are maps of the store layout available at front entrances to assist customers.

For now, many aisles have been narrowed to provide space for the remodeling process, and many products have been moved and rearranged to provide space.

Temporary signs have been added to existing signs, which has caused confusion for some customers. The store pharmacy area has been blocked off at the back of the existing pharmacy.

Woodcock also announced the store is hiring a total of about 68 temporary associates to help with the remodeling.

No completion date for remodeling was released.