Waddy to get some Love’s

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New Love's Country Store location would offer gas station, restaurants, tire center

By Scotty McDaniel

Conveniently located between Louisville and Lexington, the little town of Waddy is becoming quite the place for semi-trailer trucks to stop.

Just north of I-64 in Waddy there's already a Flying J, readily available for truckers' needs, and now it appears there could soon be another one-stop option on the other side of the interstate.

The Triple S Zoning Commission approved a development plan Tuesday for a Love's Country Store on KY 395 in Waddy, to be built on the grounds of the existing Waddy Union 76 Truck Stop facility - which would be demolished.

Rick Shuffield, director of real estate and development for Love's Country Store, would spend about $6.5 to $7 million to build a 10,000- square-foot building, with eight fuel points for trucks and 16 fueling points for cars. A truck scale also wold be included.

Also in the plans is an addition that was only recently introduced to Love's Country Stores in 2008 - a truck tire repair shop.

Inside the building there will be a Subway of about 1300 square feet. and a McDonald's of approximately 2800 square feet. The story would employee around 50 to 70 people.

Traffic engineer Diane Zimmerman of Jordan, Jones & Goulding, studied the area and told the commission that there appeared to be little existing traffic, and from a traffic standpoint, the project appeared to be safe.

One thing Zimmerman worked closely with Love's Country Store on was improving the efficiency of its planned entrances and exits.

"To use the southern most entrance gives us a greater distance for stacking between the entrance and the interstate ramps," she said. "There will be a sidewalk barrier between the cars and trucks. Cars will go back out the same entrance. The trucks will have their own exit.

"I feel very good about where they're going with this."

With the thumbs up from the commission and the traffic study, Shuffield said Love's Country Store hopes to close on the property next month and start building soon after.