Vendor issues take K-PREP off line statewide

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By Todd Martin

On top of Monday’s safety issues at Collins High School, Shelby County Public Schools already had made a quick change to its K-PREP testing, which also began Monday.

The district was forced to alter its testing situation because of an issue with ACT, which is the vendor for the end-of-course testing.

Shelby County was one of several districts statewide that were scheduled to begin testing online this year. However, ACT began having issues with its online test and by Friday temporarily had suspended online testing because of technical issues.

In a release issued Friday, the Kentucky Department of Education’s Office of Assessment and Accountability Associate Commissioner Ken Draut said, “While ACT is attempting to re-open the online system as soon as possible, KDE believes stabilization of the end-of-course assessment program is now the priority. So, we are going with paper and pencil tests, which many of our districts had already planned to use.”

During the weekend, the department sent an E-mail to district assessment coordinators, including in Shelby County, notifying them of the move to paper and pencil tests.

“Our goal is to for all students to be tested before the end of the school year, and we believe we will be able to accomplish that,” Draut said.

About 60 percent of districts had planned to test at least some students online. The decision on the format of test administration is usually left up to the schools.