Triple S Planning Commission: Persimmon Ridge OKd for residential growth

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By Todd Martin

Several residents of Persimmon Ridge in northwest Shelby County came out Thursday to voice concern about proposed changes to the neighborhood.

Persimmon Ridge developer and owner Lawren Just requested and received unanimous approval for a change to the planned unit development that will end the plans for a second golf course in the development, and instead turn 9 acres into a standard lot residential development and 153 acres into large acreage residential lots.

Just told the commission that with the growing number of golf courses in the Greater Louisville area, the need for another one at Persimmon Ridge was continuing to fade.

“The challenge was what do we do with the one hundred and sixty-three acres,” she said. “I’ve been extremely cognizant of what we’re building out there.”

However, the plan left many residents scratching their heads.

Of the more than 50 people in attendance, many spoke out against the plan, questioning whether or not it was specific enough or even to gain approval. The residents questioned the actual sizes of the lots and how the redevelopment could affect their property value.

Triple S Executive Director Ryan Libke explained to the audience that the request calls for “standard lots, which under zone regulation R-1 means it is on a sewer and is at least twelve-thousand-five-hundred-square-foot [.287-acre] lots, and large-acreage lots, which have septic tanks and the minimum lot size in the county is five acres.”

Libke said that Tuesday’s vote wasn’t on the lot size or how the acreage would be split but instead only was to allow the acreage originally planned for a second golf course to be changed to residential.

“The next step would be to submit a preliminary plat for each lot that would show how it connects to the sewer, any roads that would need to be added and the same for large-acreage lots,” he said. “And the public would have its say at that time.”

Libke also noted that a final plat would need to be submitted next and that it would include any easements and signatures from necessary state and county officials.

Just also responded to questions about potential builders, stating that several contractors had built in the development and that any home would have to meet the standards of the neighborhood.

“Every home built in Persimmon Ridge has to meet the restrictions and standards that are recorded at the courthouse and given to every member of our community,” she said. “It doesn’t matter what builder.”

Also at the meeting, the commission:

  • Approved an amended development plan for R.E.P Rents at 429 Haven Hill Road. The plan allows for the access road to be extended north to the back of the property for the possibility to access future development.
  • Approved a one-time, 90-day extension for Old Mill Village to get its finances set to begin work on its next phase. The extension ends on Jan. 15.
  • Heard in a report from Libke that 15 permits for single-family homes were issued last month for a total of 107 this year. Total permits for the year are at 400 through September. In all of 2012 141 were issued.