Triple S Planning Commission: Mall officials to renew request for pole waiver

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Horizon seeks fewer but taller lights

By Todd Martin

Officials with Horizon Group Properties will be back in front of the Triple S Planning Commission with a familiar request at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday at Stratton Center, 215 Washington St. in Shelbyville.

The developers of the Outlet Shoppes at Louisville, located just south of Interstate 64 in Simpsonville, at the intersection of Buck Creek and Veechdale roads, will make a second request to allow the light poles on the property of the 374,000-square-foot development to be 33 feet (30-foot poles on a 3-foot base) instead of the maximum 25 feet.

The developers removed the request in March when it was applying for its original development plan, citing at that time a need to move on and begin construction on the project with an approved plan.

The decision to remove the waiver request came when commissioner Dudley Bottom was making a motion to table the development plan until more information could be acquired on the lighting.

“I think they were a little underprepared for that last time, and will come with more information on the lighting request this time,” Triple S Executive Director Ryan Libke said. “Last time they just didn’t want to hold up their plan.”

At that time, the project engineer told the commission and gathered crowd that the development would be lower than those bordering properties once it is leveled out for the project and added that the lights being used are dark-sky compliant, which exceeds the county’s current lighting regulations. He was also noted that the lights all point down, directing all light where it is needed.

The developers also are requesting an amendment to the original plan that would alter tracts 1, 2 and 7 to create a new tract 11. Although it requests tract lines moved, it doesn’t alter the plans of the 50-acre development or its nine buildings and two out lots facing Buck Creek Road.

Zone change request

The commission will consider a zone change request from Tamara Bounds on 4.08 acres of a 5.08-acre property at 850 Rockbridge Road. The request is change those 4.08 acres from Agricultural (A) to Residential Estate (RE). The property is tract 5 of Guist Creek Meadows, Inc.

Residential Estate-zoned properties are minimum 1-acre lots, and are not permitted to be used in agricultural endeavors, including farming or equine.

Libke said the zone change was requested for the property owner to be able to sell an acre with a barn to an adjoining property owner and still meet zoning requirements. A property zoned Ag must be a minimum of 5 acres, but RE-zoned properties are only required to be a minimum of 1-acre.

Also at the meeting, the commission will:

  • Consider a zoning regulation text amendment covering lighting, noise and odor/odorous matter in Article II of the zoning regulations. The changes were initiated by the commission and will be presented by the staff.
  • Consider an amended subdivision plat for the Davis Property, tracts 4 and 5, at 3834 and 3862 on Washburn Road. The request I amend the property line between the two tracts, and a 79.19 feet road frontage variance is requested for Tract 5.
  • Hear a development plan from Ohio Valley Aluminum Company for an asphalt paved trailer staging lot on Tract 3D-1 of Stonecrest Commercial Development. The 3.11-acre property is zoned Heavy Industrial (I-2).