Triple S Planning and Zoning: Commission to review lighting, amendments

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Rockbridge Road zone change gets final look

By Todd Martin

The Triple S Planning Commission will take a second look Tuesday at the proposed amendments to articles of the zoning regulations dealing with lighting to include comments at its public hearing last month.

A proposed changes to Article 16, which deals with the lighting standards, would require all new commercial construction to have full cut-off fixtures, which emit light directly down and no light up or out over a 90-degreee plane from the fixture, and for all commercial lots with 10 or more light poles to reduce lighting by 50 percent at closing time.

Proposed amendments to Articles 2 and 14 were largely to clean up dated language and add new terms and definitions that were not available or widely used when the articles were first written.

Several residents offered suggestions, including providing a time frame for all existing commercial areas to meet the lighting standards.

“Why not, when this is instituted require all lighting to be incompliance with the new regulations within five years, or some amount of time,” Judy Arnold asked the commission. “How would you be able to govern those that were grandfathered in and keep them separate?”

Jim Ellis, speaking on behalf of Maintain our Rural Environment (MORE) and Shelby County Organized for Preservation and Enhancement (SCOPE), also requested that bright LED lights designed to be seen during the day have a the intensity reduced at night.

“That would be for the safety of the drivers in the area,” he said.

The meeting is at 6:30 p.m. at Stratton Center in Shelbyville.

Zone change

The commission will vote on the transcript and findings of fact for the zone change at 850 Rockbridge Road, which was requested by Tamara Bounds. The zone change from Agriculture (Ag) to Residential Estate (RE) for 4.08 acres of the 5.08-acre site is to allow the owner to maintain a 4.08-acre property after selling 1 acre with a barn to an adjoining property owner. The zone change was required because an Ag-zoned property cannot be smaller than 5 acres.

The commission voted at its August meeting to recommend for approval to the Shelby County Fiscal Court.

Also at the meeting, the commission will:

  • Hear an amended development plan for the McDonald’s location at 200 Frankfort Road. The amendment proposes adding a 12x16 storage shed next to a trash receptacle and a waiver to decrease the number of parking spaces from 61 to 60 to accommodate that shed. The amendment also requests a variance to reduce the front-yard setback by 21 feet for a free standing monument sign.
  • Consider a partial bond release of $226,817.26 for Cloverbrook Farms, Section 3.