Triple S grants fourth 1-year extension to Copperfield Place

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By Todd Martin

The Triple S Planning and Zoning Commission made quick work of a short agenda at Tuesday’s monthly meeting.

The Commission approved an extension on the Copperfield Place land behind Jefferson Community College with frontage on Benson Pike.

The 18.59-acre, 51-lot subdivision was approved in 2005, but the owner, Donald Hamilton, Inc., has not moved on the property since then.

Citing the continued down turn in the economy, the commission was asked for a year-extension for fourth time.

Commissioner Ed Rudolph motioned to end the extensions for the property, stating that the “economy is certainly struggling now, but it was booming in 2005, and nothing has been done.”

Rudolph’s motion did not receive a second.

Jake Smith then motioned to grant the extension, with the understanding that the property will meet whatever regulations are current when building begins, not the 2005 regulations.

Scott Merchant seconded that motion, and it was approved with only Rudolph’s opposition.

The only regulation change since the property’s approval in 2005 would be the amount of green-space required, Triple S Executive Director Ryan Libke said.

“They would need two point one eight acres of open space now, and that could be met with some minor renovations to the plans,” he said.

City’s overlay district

The Commission also approved a text amendment for a recommendation to Shelbyville City Council’s building exterior quality design corridor overlay district.

The amendment matches the city property that runs along the county’s overlay along Mount Eden Road from I-64 to the U.S. 60 intersection.

The overlay district protects the entrance corridor to the city and stipulates that owners must use quality materials when building new construction. Also, additions to existing building must adhere to the new requirements.

The commission also approved:

  • Minor plat with waivers on the Ethington Building Supply Property at 1850 Midland Trail. The property, zoned industrial-1, will subdivide the house, garage and a storage building off of the business property. The regulations call for a side building line of 50 feet, and a waiver was granted to 4.9 feet.
  • Agricultural plat on Booker Brook Farm, located on Clore Jackson Road and Eminence Pike. The 165.2-acre lot divided into eight tracts with three fronting Eminence Pike and five fronting Clore Jackson Road. The tracts range from 68 acres to 9.99 acres.

  •  Agricultural plat on Back Creek Road and Waddy Road. The Forest and Catherine Robinson Trust, section II, divides 173.69 acres into 14 tracts no smaller than 5 acres.