Triple S approves digital zoning maps

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By Scotty McDaniel

Triple S Planning and Zoning Commission held a public hearing Tuesday on the subject of new zoning maps and approved the motion to suggest to the Shelby County, Shelbyville, and Simpsonville governing bodies that the new Geographic Information System zoning maps replace their current official zoning maps.

Ryan Libke, executive director of Triple S, explained that the new maps would be easier to both comprehend and work with than the old maps.

"They (the old maps) haven't been updated for years," Libke said during his presentation. "They're hard to read, hard to understand what zoning districts are what, and what property is zoned what designation."

The new maps would be cleaner and more convenient, he said.

"What this map does is, of course, color coats the districts. It also has parcel data provided by the PBA, which makes it a little bit easier to identify where you're at. It also has the streams and the lakes, and road center lines designated on the prints," he said.

The new maps would allow staff to easily manage and update the zoning data that goes along with these maps, Libke said, so when zoning changes occur in the future the maps could be updated in a timely fashion.

"These maps did not change any of the zoning designations on the old maps. All we did is digitize the data from the paper maps into it and then reprint," he said.

The computer software used in creating the new GSI zoning maps would also allow maps to be placed online for public viewing.

The next step is for the new maps to be brought before the governing bodies - Shelbyville City Council, Simpsonville City Commission and Shelby County Fiscal Court -- to decide if they want to adopt them or not.

At Tuesday's meeting, commissioners also:

approved an agricultural division request of the Green Acres II LLC Farm Division at 4090 Webb Road.

approved an extension of preliminary plat request in the 1400 block of Benson Pike.